School Council

The School Council is made up of our Year 2 children who all take the responsibility very seriously.

Each School Council is elected for a full term, therefore there are 3 different School Councils during the school year. The Autumn term (Sept – Christmas), Spring (January – Easter) and Summer (Return after Easter to July).

They are also our playground ‘Buddies’ ensuring that everyone has someone to play with or talk to at playtime and lunch time.

The School Council meet regularly with Mrs Davies (TA Year 2) and discuss their ideas of how to improve things in the school that are important to them.

They also put their ideas for fundraising into practice – they held a very successful cake stall in school where they wrote to parents asking for cakes, ran the stall themselves making a very impressive £150 and then made the decision on how the money raised should be spent.  They have also organised and run a 'Healthy Smoothie' day, asking parents/carers to provide milk and/or fruit.  The children then made healthy, fruit smoothies which they sold to raise funds for their projects.