Our Governors

"School Governors are a large, usually unsung army of volunteers.  There is much to celebrate about the contribution made by school governors."
(Quote taken from the Education sub Committee House of Commons, July 1999)
Governors come from all walks of life, all social and economic backgrounds and all age groups - there is no legal retirement age for a governor.  All serve for a term of four years and all have equal status, power and right to vote.  Foundation Governors only serve the governing body of Church and Foundation Schools.
Our Governors and their responsibilities
Mr Mike Wilson
Headteacher Performance Management, Pay Review, Finance
Mrs Charlotte Bowers
Parent Governor
Headteacher Performance Management, Staffing, Data Scrutiny
Dr Marion Hughes
Foundation Governor
Headteacher Performance Management, Staffing
Mrs Linda Linaker
Foundation Governor
Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Curriculum, School Development, SEN
Mr John Liston
Foundation Governor
Mrs Debbie Williams
Local Authority Governor
Curriculum, School Development
Dr Daniella Garcia Lucas
Parent Governor
Mr Peter Scott
Community Governor
Pay Reveiw, Staffing
Mr Rob Callow

      Parent Governor

Finance, Data Scrutiny
Mr Hugh Owen
Parent Governor
 Mrs Lynn Pepper 
Teacher Governor
Finance, Health & Safety
Mr Kevin Cross
Staff Governor
Safeguarding, SEN, Health & Safety
Mrs Nicola Blythin
Ex Officio (Headteacher)
*Appeals Panel - All Governors - seconded to panel, dependent on circumstances, to ensure impartiality
Mr George Williams
Clerk to Governors